To the one making hospital visits

Her Musings

I feel you. I do.

As you sit outside the doctor’s office patiently waiting; as you impatiently tap your fingers at the cashier’s desk. I see you calmly listen to the nurse, and explain to your baby why grandma can’t go home yet.

I feel your pain. It may seem never ending, but I promise you that it does, indeed, end.

Cry, if you must. Laugh, even if there is little reason to. Do what it takes to lift the load off your weary shoulders.

But, don’t give up. Don’t give up on the hope that, someday, life will be better, and that there will be no more hospital visits to make.

And most of all, don’t stop believing; no matter how much you want to. For it isn’t you alone who believes in you. There is an entire life clinging onto hope with you.

Your hope, to them, is like the break of dawn through a frosty window.

Smile. For it isn’t you alone you are smiling for. Your smile gives them a reason to live another day.

Your smile is like the touch of a stream on a parched ground.

And finally, don’t stop making memories. Create happiness that will help you last longer than life itself.

And when life ceases, these memories will make you smile yet again.

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