Thank You, 2018

You’ve made me laugh. You’ve made me cry. I haven’t lost so much sleep ever before. I haven’t been to my wit’s end so much ever before. I certainly haven’t endured so much physical pain ever before. And let’s not get started on the amount of blood I’ve lost from between my legs!

But most of all, you’ve given me life alerting experiences. Experiences I wouldn’t swap for the world. From the sheer joy of meeting my parents outside of home, in a foreign land, to the inexplicable one of becoming a parent, you’ve left me feeling warm and fuzzy in the stomach, oh so often. Yes, there have been days when I wasn’t ready to open my eyes to a new day, but you’ve given me a reason to keep trudging forward no matter what. It’s in these days that I found my strength, and dug deeper into my willingness to be patient – more with myself than anyone else. For when I’ve been left alone on very rare occasions, I’ve never found so much solace in my own company before. After all, one must spend most of their life with one’s own self. Which brings me to thanking you for giving me my forever best friend, who I spend most of my time with now, and who is peacefully tucked away in the blanket next to me. Thank you.

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