Surely, motherhood is the greatest thing, and the hardest thing. For the first few days it feels like being pushed into a dark cave to find the exit at the far end, and while being there, a woman has to walk through not only the challenges of understanding the human she has birthed, but to first comprehend the strengths of her body; to come to terms with the miraculous changes her body has gone through. So, it is only natural for her to feel scared.

It is then that a woman seeks support in another. A mother finds strength in another. But, however unfortunate that might be, one doesn’t always get support at home. That’s when most new moms today turn to social media. I did too, when I was certain I had asked too many questions at home, yet there were so many more, I turned to the amazing mom support groups on Facebook. Be it the Informed birthing India group for all my pregnancy related queries , or Breastfeeding Support for Indian Mothers for support with breastfeeding when my little one had had difficulty latching on, the new moms club by credihealth for all my endless rant about any and everything, or the traditional weaning India group now for guidance on introducing solids to my nine month old, I along with thousand other (mostly) Indian mamas have made an extended family where the one common goal is that of mutual growth. During my darkest times of sleepless nights, engorged breasts, of feeling less of a mother, or even just when I wanted to talk to somebody, my support groups have never failed me.

When there was a danger of my pregnancy being termed high risk, I turned to the Informed Birthing group, where the administrator Shyami Gomu Sathiaseelan and expert Dr. Minu Bevin have always, unfailingly been there to answer all my questions and help me put my mind at ease.

When my little one had troubles latching on to one side of the breast, leaving me engorged for days on end, I had the support I needed from BSIM group. Had I not turned to the members for support, I’d have surely succumbed to the current norm and convinced myself that I wasn’t producing enough milk to satiate my baby’s hunger. The pressure on a new mother for producing enough milk is unbelievably high in current times when formula milk is easily available, and every little cue or development from baby is branded as the mother not producing enough milk. Gladly, I had the kind of support one needs at this stage from BSIM and its members.

Nine months into it, now when I am simply looking for meal ideas for my little one, I know I can turn to the thousands of women I’ve never met in my life and be certain that I’ll be guided in the right path on TWIndia. It is here I learnt that a six month old could self feed! Although mine didn’t, it’s cute to see all the little munchkins trying to stuff broccoli in their tiny mouths 😁 what’s best is the dedication with which the administrators Meghna Antani,and moderators, Nikita Bhutani, Amudhavani Sivanandam, and Karpagam Pugalendhi, invest in every child’s development by actively responding to queries. They even have a cool MondayMenu featured every Monday (d’oh) where moms list their baby’s meal plans for the day, and where I’ve snuck so many recipe ideas from! From questions related to travel food ideas to other baby dietary requirements, they have hashtags for everything, making searching previously responded queries a breeze.

On most days, I find myself browsing through the New Mom’s Club. From marriage troubles to baby queries to simply women having fun, there’s so much to read on here that one’s hardly ever bored of browsing through! Our goals include helping one other get through life’s curveballs, advocating MamaEarth’s products 😁, and showering our love on the administrator, Priya Sharma. Priya, along with several moderators, works endlessly to ensure the smooth running of the group. She even posts queries on behalf of shy moms.

My social media experience has completely changed ever since I was introduced to these groups. I believe that every new mom should invest some time in exploring support groups relevant to her to make the arduous task of raising a child easier, and to help other moms out with her experiences.

For anyone who thinks women can’t help one another, don’t let the masses fool you into believing that, and go checkout these pages on Facebook run by some amazing women, for women!

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post.


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