The emotions of a stay at home aunt


As SAHM’s, we experience a whirlpool of emotions throughout the journey. From worrying about how to successfully manage to work from home with kids to their teenage, life can take a toll on us. Thankfully, we have siblings to look up to for when it’s time to take that much-needed break. And who does it better than our very own sisters?!

Well, I seriously do believe that the role of an aunt in helping their sibling raise their kids is highly underrated. Highly underrated!

I may not be a mother, but I have experienced the feeling of motherhood at close quarters by being a full-time stay at home aunt (SAHA).  In India, aunt is called ‘Maasi’ which means ‘Maa- Mother’ and ‘Si- Like’, Mother-Like.

I can totally understand why they call aunts that. I am a proud aunt to my seven-year-old niece and it has been one of the most beautiful feelings in the world so far. When I reflect upon this journey, it just leaves me pondering how time flies and all we are left with is beautiful memories of the newborn clinging our finger with their soft fist that leaves a smile on our face.

Being the youngest kid in the family (yes, I still address myself as ‘kid’ cuz it just feels right), I never really got a chance to play with or take care of a younger sibling. I was always the one who was being pampered and taken care of. 18th January 2012 – I remember this day very clearly as two very important events took place – I became a Chartered Accountant and was blessed with a baby niece.

The feeling of being on the top of the world – yes! It was this feeling with which I rushed from my Institute to the hospital. As I held the newborn in my arms, I felt scared (hadn’t held such a tiny one before) as well as responsible (wanted to be a perfect aunt).

Since then, the time has just flown by, and now, I see my tiny little toddler grown into a chirpy and notorious kid. What has changed is the nature of issues associated with her – from not eating to not eating healthy, from not speaking to unending chatter, but what has not changed is her adorable innocent smile and the affection we have for each other. Secretly, I feel proud when she sees me as her role model and tries to imitate my actions.

As I read on the internet ‘aunty says yes to what mom says no’, I totally relate. Although I am mother-like by relationship, I want to be her best friend and partner in crime as she grows up. I wish that she makes her own mistakes and gains her own wisdom. I always want her to feel that no matter what she does, her aunt is around to take care.

Sometimes, putting certain feelings in words sorts of limits the feelings to those words. And I’m going to end this article here since being an aunt is a feeling which no amount of words can define!



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  1. My aunt is just like a moth to me so I really connected with this article. I love learned the names of meaning of aunt in India.

  2. I like the word Maasi and it’s meaning. I learned something new. Aunts are very special and have such an important role that shouldn’t be taken for granted. I hope to be an aunt one day!

  3. I love this…my oldest daughter and her fiance are raising his niece. Totally get it…I have 5 girls…and I am sure as each one has their own child…as they say, it takes a village to raise a child.

  4. You are an amazing maasi🥰😘😘😘.
    Trust me, your niece loves you as much as I do and looks up at you as a role model already.

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