A SAHM muses about her growing teenage children

As someone rightfully pointed out, change is the only constant in a person’s life. More so, for a girl or woman.

My life too has been an incredible learning road full of transitions. Marriage came early on in life. Overnight, a young, college going girl of 18 years transitioned into being someone’s wife, someone’s daughter-in-law!

The books and preparing for exams and assignments transitioned into taking up household responsibilities and supervising my big household and the staff.

Amidst all this, I would still feel nostalgic, not only for my parents and sisters but also for my college life and study books. I suddenly longed to carry my college bag instead of handbags when I no longer had one.

The everyday exams would make me long for my college ones, for they seemed very easy now. How ironic, as a college girl, I had wanted to be free of it all- like a free bird.

A free bird, for that I always wanted to be! Living life my way and with my rules. To compromise and adjust was absolutely not in my nature. I never truly understood the real meaning of these words, until I heard that one word, MOM!

Mom, Maa, Mamma, Mommy- things my sisters and I call our mother. But, I only truly understood the feeling behind these when I was addressed as one. And with that, I also gradually learned the meaning of the then alien words- compromise and adjustment.

Today, I am a mother of two handsome and intelligent young boys, who are transitioning from being my babies to becoming teenagers soon.

And now, my initial transitions seem nothing compared to today! For every day starts with a new lesson. One that no college would have taught me, and an experience which no university could give.

Just the other day, while talking to my boys during our “night talk session”, I realized that 15 years ago, I was in an all-female zone with my dad being the only guy in the family.

My life has now transitioned into an all-male zone. The Barbie dolls and kitchen set games are long forgotten, and I can now hold a steady conversation about cricket, football, and F1 races at 3 AM when one of the boys come barging into my room still in high spirits after just having watched his favorite team win the match.

With time, my once all girlie wardrobe is gradually changing into a unisex mix of clothing to keep up with my boys.

Even my mobile cover is Batman!

Though I am happily gliding through this incomparable ride of emotions, many a time I am left exhausted and irritated too. Last minute running around for homework completion and school note collections is a thing most boy-moms will associate with!

Change is awesome. It is amazing. I evolve each day as I go through a new transition with my young boys.

And what makes me more accepting of change is that I see in them the same stubbornness that I once had in me. And although it will soon fade away, I see them turning out the way I once wanted myself to.

And just as the thought strikes that my messy, sticky, hormonal teenagers will soon be big enough to take off on their own journeys, my heart sinks. Because, of all the transitions I have been through, I am not prepared for this one. No matter how inevitable it may be.

And as that time nears, I draw strength from my mother who has dealt with departing from her three daughters with such poise. For I need my mother even now, and that I must learn from her to accept this change with the same grace. For change is the only way of life.

Editor’s Note: Our guest contributor, Arundhati Chaturvedi, writes about her life as a mom of two teenage boys. 
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