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A word that can be the answer to any question involving timeframe; a one-stop solution to the worries and anxieties of the world. Perhaps due to its healing nature, a person undergoing medical treatment is also called ‘patient’. In an attempt to decode what patience exactly means, I encountered hope. Hope is like a prerequisite for patience. To put it differently, patience can only exist where there is hope that something is going to unravel itself ‘one day’. As restful it may sound, patience is a state of restlessness, a state where a person is not at peace with the present.

Instead of a bag full of goodies one might gift to a loved one, I so wish that one could gift patience. Alternatively, one can gift or show a ray of hope. Hope, if believed in, gives the strength to be patient and look forward to something.

Tolerance is synonym to patience and to tolerate is to not give up. Giving up is easy; fighting out is tough. So, mathematically concluded, patience requires strength as it is tough. Not everyone is equally strong and it is not everyone’s cup of tea to sustain long durations of patience. Being patient is a phenomenon that is energy consuming and tiresome. I, thus, pray strength and support to everyone who is being patient with any circumstance at any point in life.

The outcome of being patient may not always be as one expected it to be, but the process of being patient helps in sailing through a phase. It may not be the brightest of days but a lukewarm ray of sunlight is always soothing. It keeps you assured that the sun is out there hiding behind the dense clouds, and so, will eventually appear if not right away.

In the process of being patient, it might so happen that some days turn out to be completely cloudy and damp. Hence, I pray for support from loved ones to those who are going through these days of dankness in their phase of being patient. If not hope, I wish to be a support to the strong souls who are neither yet willing to give up nor making peace with their circumstances. For just like them, I believe that if not today, someday the lukewarm golden rays of the sun will soothe their troubled souls too.



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  1. To get strength for being patient, one should follow one simple rule and that is whatever is happening in life is happening for good. Sometime our logical mind may not accept the same since we fail to experience.

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