It is okay to have a messy home

Baby Sweater

It is okay to have a messy home, mama. 

Anyone who knows me well, knows how big I am on cleanliness. A single wrinkle on the bed sheet is enough to tick me off. But, these past 9-ish months have been full of chaos, confusion, and the mess of bringing a new life home. From extended hours of nursing sessions, to experimenting with solids post six months; from understanding his preferences to helping him develop new ones, the journey has been nothing but magical. And this morning, as I walked into the room to see his sweater hanging on my side of the headboard, my God, did my heart feel contentment like never before. And for once, just for once, I want to stop picking after the mess, and sit and cherish this wonderful journey with my little man. For it won’t be long before he’s too old to share his space with me. It won’t be long before those wings learn to flap. Then, I won’t have to worry about the sweater on my headboard.

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