My successful IVF Journey

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My IVF Journey

20th March 2018 – the Golden Day in my life!

There will never be a day better than this one because it was on this day that I finally became a mother!

What’s the big deal, you may ask?

Well, it was indeed a BIG DEAL for me. After all, my husband and I had waited for this day for more than 6 years. Here’s my story.

I have always loved kids and wanted to have my own ever since I remember, and like everybody else, I used to think that babies just happen, you don’t really need to work on it.

But I was so wrong!

A simple thing like PCOD (Polycystic Ovary Disorder) made things impossible for me. It meant that I was going to need medical aid to be able to conceive. The gynecologist who I was consulting at that time assured me that I would be able to have babies after taking some medicines and maybe a small and easy procedure called IUI. But, destiny had other plans.

I had consumed tons of hormonal pills and hundreds of injections during the multiple cycles of IUI, but each cycle had failed. By this time I was termed as “infertile”. I wondered how a woman who gets periods regularly every month and produced eggs (with medical aid, so what??) could be called infertile but that is how it was.

According to medical science, if you are not able to bear a child the natural way, you will be labeled as “infertile”. The pain of consuming pills and taking numerous injections every month was not as much as the pain I suffered to be called as infertile. It certainly crushed my confidence to be a mother someday.

The saga of IUI continued for a very long time, perhaps as many as 10 cycles. Doctors were changed, some surgeries were done, some more medical procedures were done but we still failed to have a baby.

We were splurging huge amounts of money on medical treatment and got nothing in return apart from, trauma, frustration, and ill health – yes, ill health because every medicine I took had a side effect.

I had put on about 20 kgs which refused to come down no matter what. Even if I starved in the name of diet or worked hard at the gym, the weight wouldn’t go down. I also suffered from migraine. I had become an angry bird and tears would roll down my cheeks at the drop of a hat.

Basically, I had very less control over my emotions. I had stopped socializing because by this time most of my friends had children and I felt out of place with them because I had nothing to share when they discussed kids. This further reminded me of being “infertile”.

Day by day, my physical and emotional health was deteriorating. But my will to be a mother did not allow me to stop. I had a long way to go.

Eventually, we took a break from all the treatments for a good one year. I learned to calm my mind and worked consciously on removing all the negativity in my body that had piled up since so many years.

In the meantime, we were contemplating the idea of undergoing IVF. The only thing that we knew about it was that it is very painful. I had frantically googled about it but most of the case studies and reviews were from outside India.

Nobody from our friends and relatives had undergone this procedure and there was nobody who could share their experience with us. From what we had read and heard, it was very expensive and painful.

What we also found out was Dr. Nandita Palshetkar was the best infertility specialist and had a wonderful success rate. We decided to visit Dr. Nandita to check what the procedure was and whether it would be helpful in our case.

It was January 2017 when I met Nandita ma’am for the first time. Dr. Nandita – a beautiful and dynamic lady who had a warm and welcoming smile on her face when I walked into her office. She checked my case history and assured me that ICSI (Variant of IVF) would be the best treatment in my case.

I noticed that Dr. Nandita had a very pleasing personality and that she empathized with her patients. With the very first meeting, she had spotted the silver lining in the cloud.

After a very long time, I started believing again that I would bear a baby someday. And trust me, this lady is a magician. I followed her advice diligently and did exactly as she recommended. A new saga had begun, but this time I was sure that I was in the best hands. Months passed and my treatment progressed from diagnosis to hysteroscopy to ICSI.

Nandita Ma’am’s entire team is so capable and positive that they assured me that I will certainly have my baby very soon and they kept their words. I underwent the ICSI – the toughest of the treatments I had ever undergone. But I still suffered the least.

Dr Nandita’s medicines did not give me any side effect. I never suffered from even something as common as acidity or heartburn. Numerous shots which I had to inject in me were absolutely painless and so was the process of extraction of eggs. When I woke up from anesthesia after extraction, I felt so relaxed as if I had woken up from a deep sleep.

After the extraction, it was time to make the embryos. Dr. Nandita has Embryo Specialists and they never disappoint. We had 4 embryos which meant we had four potential babies already! We used 2 in our first attempt. 12 days after that was the waiting period and it was totally killing.

The past was hounding like a monster ready to kill, and day by day, I was becoming more unsure about how I would put myself together if this cycle failed too. Eventually, the day arrived when we had to do a urine pregnancy test at home. I cannot forget that moment when I saw those two beautiful pink lines.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks and I checked with my husband whether he saw those two lines too or was my mind playing tricks.

We had succeeded with ICSI in first attempt!

After that, there was no looking back.

I continued to consult Dr. Nandita as my pregnancy progressed. Her entire team took such good care of me and ensured that my baby and I remained in the pink of our healths.

And on 20th March, she brought a new life in this world. She has given us the most precious gift of our life. She did the impossible in the simplest possible way. For us, Dr. Nandita is second only to God. She gave us a baby and no one can call me “infertile” now!

Many of you may think that this is a paid review – it is not!

I have shared my experience with the only hope that if someone like me is reading this blog, she gets to know that it is possible to bear a child with the help of science and technology. Lot of times such treatments are least talked about, and hence, there is no awareness surrounding these.

Most of the couples do not know which doctor to consult. Hence, I have shared about my experience with Dr. Nandita who has given a gift of parenthood to numerous couples.

While it is God’s wish and your will power that helps you attain motherhood in spite of challenges, it is equally important that you are in the hands of the best doctor who guides you at every step and whose diagnosis and medication is just perfect.

With such difficult procedures, there is no room for trial and error and only efficient doctors can help you sail through it. For us, that doctor was Dr. Nandita mam. We cannot thank her enough for what she has done for us.

In the end, I would like to tell all the women, who are looking forward to becoming mommies but facing a problem, that do not hesitate to seek medical help. Technology has progressed vastly and it is possible to combat infertility.

Infertility is not a taboo, talk about it, find out information about it, consult good doctors and make your dream come true. Goodluck!

Editor’s Note: It takes a huge amount of courage to speak about such sensitive issues as Female Infertility, and we here at Her Musings are in complete awe of the sheer grit Aditi Ranade has exuded in her long journey to motherhood. You can follow her on Instagram and fall in love with her infectious optimism by clicking here.
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  1. Looks like we share more than just name! We had a difficult time while conceiving our first child too. Finally , a good doctor by the name of Dr Vanitha( Apollo BGS , Mysore, Karnataka) made it possible for us through IUI. I can feel the happiness you must have felt. When you saw the pink lines as well as when you held your baby for the first time. And miraculously , our second pregnancy was a surprise! Unplanned and effortless.

  2. This sound like such a long and emotional journey. I am so glad you finally became the mom you always wanted to be! It’s the best feeling in the world.

  3. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and personal Journey. Congratulations on your success! This makes my heart warm

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