Midnight Musings

Her Musings

After finishing my day’s work, the time that I look forward to most is talking to my elder sister. Be it while taking a walk near the neighborhood post-dinner, or before tucking in for the day. The night is my favorite time of the day.

You must be wondering why?

Well, it’s that time when, after all the hustle bustle, you get the time to review your day with your people.  No wonder, I came up with this topic while we were taking a walk after dinner!

I’ve always been a night person. Watching the sky filled with stars, feeling the wind through your face, the calmness which follows after the day has ended, when the world is fast asleep has always appealed to me. It gives me a sense of peace which is hard to explain. But, I’m sure a lot of you can relate to it.

I’m also sure most of us must have had a girl’s night out with our besties; I have had them too…Watching the moon rise and set while we poured our hearts out, catching up on each other’s lives on the terrace. The feeling of contentment cannot be expressed enough!

But have you ever wondered why your truest feelings can be heard in the night?

Maybe because that’s when your brain actually gets the time to talk to your heart! That’s when your mind is in consensus to what the heart wants. Isn’t it strange that the two most essential parts of your body need to talk? And that they do so in the night when your mind is less occupied by the daily routine?

These musings in the night with your family, BFF’s, partner, and even with yourself are so essential in your life. They help you to think straight in the time when your heart finally gets a chance to be heard.

These musings can become so memorable with the right company and conversations too. Moreover, your artistic side is more prominent when the mind is at peace.

So, do give these midnight musings a shot once a while with your people. Believe me, you’ll end up creating memories for a life time!

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