Low budget date night ideas for new and exhausted parents

Avanti Chaturvedi lists out her ten favorite date night ideas at home for new and exhausted parents. To read her bio, click here.

So, it’s your first Valentine’s after the baby. Everyone asked you to enjoy the last Valentine date night(or everything else) before your baby came into this world. Because once they are here your entire life would revolve around them!

Isn’t it true, though? That part about your entire life revolving around them? To the point that there are days, you forget to brush your hair? Seriously, when was the last time you DID brush your hair, especially if you are an experienced mama?!

Chronicles of a SAHM, I tell you.

Before my son was born ten months ago, I would spend a good 40-45 minutes working my makeup for a date night, and now, well let’s just say there’s makeup lying somewhere in the house.

Somewhere under piles of undone laundry quietly shoved away in a drawer. 🤭

And about the dates? Those are just markers on calendars now.

Days seem to have just flown by these past ten months. Husband and I are so busy raising our “sonshine” that I don’t think we’ve spoken to each other in human language in an entire week! Except, whisper-yelling instructions over the sleeping baby’s head.

Yep, raising children also comes with having to learn baby babble and mastering your whisper yells!

When Shravya posted about her Valentine’s feels yesterday, it got me thinking where in the process did love and date nights take a back seat?

That’s when I came up with ideas for our at-home date night. 😁

If you’re new parents on the block, or experienced ones trying to rekindle the magic, or are simply digging for date night ideas for Valentine’s, here’s my parents’ date night idea cheat sheet!

So, read away and find love again this Valentine’s Day!

Also, most ideas listed here are low energy (AND EASY ON THE POCKET TOO!), so don’t worry if you’re a train wreck by the end of the day.


Stay at home date night ideas for couples:

  1. SLEEP IN!!!- Every parent, new and old alike, knows just WHY this one tops the list. Honestly, becoming a parent should come with a manual that starts with an entire lesson on functioning while being sleep deprived! So, hand over your baby to someone and just cuddle and sleep like a baby! (oh burn 🤭🤭🤭)
    Also, cuddling with your loved one releases the happy hormone, Oxytocin, which helps you function better too. So, go get some sleep lovelies!
  2. DO THE DEED- While you’re cozying in, get things a little steamy!
  3. GET INTIMATE– If one, or both of you, are drop dead tired, there are a million other ways to get intimate. Give each other a back rub or even a full-blown massage for that matter, or take a bath together.
    The idea is to spend time in each other’s company without having to argue over whose turn it is to put the kid to bed (all the guilty husbands, I’m giving you the side eye!)
  4. NETFLIX AND CHILL (OR SNOOZE) – Watch a movie or binge on some show after your baby has slept off. If that’s too much commitment then watch a single show or a stand-up comedy.
    And while you’re at it, why not make some fresh popcorns to munch on?
  5. PLAY BOARD GAMES- Up the stakes a bit and get the loser to wake up with the kid(s) in the morning! One can NEVER go wrong with board games. There’s so many of them out there to choose from, from Scrabble to Jenga to Cluedo. Maybe even The Game of Life 😂
    Board games are such a classic! I have even listed them on my post about How To Keep Teenagers Busy During Holidays.
  6. READ A BOOK- Or listen to an audiobook together. I, however, especially love hearing my partner recite poetry in his deep baritone!
  7. MAKE ART- My husband and I both love artsy things and can paint a picture or two. In fact, one of our bedroom walls is adorned with our artwork from when we had the time for such luxury.
    Even if you aren’t the creative sorts, you could spend quality time learning how to paint or embroider from YouTube tutorials. There are insane amounts of tutorials for everything on there!
  8. COOK A MEAL TOGETHER- Or order in. I don’t remember when was the last time my husband and I had an uninterrupted meal together. We take turns with one cooking while the other watches after the baby.
    If you’re too exhausted to talk, just soak in the silence while you eat together!
  9. CHILL OUT IN THE BALCONY– If you live in an apartment like ours where the balcony comes with a concrete boundary instead of the glass one, count yourself lucky! You could create a den of your own, tucked away in one corner!
    Luckily, it doesn’t get too cold in the UAE in February (or ever! NVM, just read how I feel about this city here) In fact, it’s the perfect pleasant weather dreamy movies are made of. So, if you’re lucky enough to be in temperatures like ours, then spread out your mattress and snuggle up under a blanket!
  10. DANCE AWAY- Okay, yes. This is supposed to be a list for exhausted parents, but dancing doesn’t always necessarily have to be an adrenaline rushing, heart pumping sequence.
    Light up your favorite scented candle, dim all other lights, turn on your favorite romantic song, and sway in each other’s arms!

Whether it is planned or sporadic, date nights are essential for relationship building, and a reminder that we’re still the same people we were before having kids. So, find your groove and get going!

What are some things you and your partner do for dates? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. With Valentine’s just around the corner I might use one of these! Thank you Avanti for such fabulous ideas!

  2. Love your ideas! My husband and I like to lay in bed and watch tv, then get cozy … always nice. But we also really enjoy playing games, going on walks, and we love to cook together. Nice article!

  3. Nice ideas…with our little one around, we hardly get any alone time as a couple. But once in a while we give head massage to each other while chatting about a lot of things..helps in relieving stress😊

  4. I love this list! So many creative ideas that don’t involve having to get dressed or made up and go out and spend money. Sometimes my husband and I just like watching a movie or TV show together when we get time or taking a walk around the neighborhood.

  5. Good ways to stay connected without having to go out. It can be super hard when you have a baby under a year to get out – I can relate! Stay-in date nights can be a great compromise.

  6. Well applies to us, even though we don’t have kid yet, but it’s been long since we went on a date night… But I will make for the lost time, by making an escape getaway with my better half… Coming back on the blog, was really amused and laughing… That being the first for the day… Go buddies, make most for lost time…

  7. So true! We haven’t really had a date out since our son was born. But we have had times when we drop him off at my in-laws and we stuff together. Usually it’s renovations and we love working together… without the little distraction.

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