The labor of joys

As she prepares to usher in a new life, this morning I woke up wondering what would be the perfect words to welcome her to motherhood?

My soon-to-be fellow mum is preparing to give birth in the hospital at this very moment, and there is so much I want her to know. Yet, there’s so little I can tell her about how infinitely overwhelmed she’s going to be every waking moment of her life from here on. How torn she is going to be between logic and motherhood. And even if I tried, she won’t know until she gets there. Just like me.

They said I wasn’t going to sleep from the moment my child was born. So, I was ready to be woken up when he decided to sleep all night, and exasperated when he woke up for the umpteenth time on the night when he was nursed and tucked away nicely into his warm blanket.

They said my body was going to ache when my baby goes through a growth spurt. My body has never as much adapted to the increasing weight before. For when they are tired of holding him too long, my body can go a mile extra, and a bit more.

They also warned me about him wanting to poo as I finally sat to have my lunch, and my word, is it true! And though my stomach churned at the thought of it then, it seems like the most natural thing today.

And so, where on one hand I was prepared to give up on my sleep, my space, and embrace motherhood, I wasn’t at all prepared to have my heart brimming with overwhelming emotions. For I hadn’t known the magnanimity of emotions a mother goes through, every waking moment of her life, until I became one.

And as she labors her way to a new life, I am anxious yet so excited about her who is soon to discover the joys of motherhood. My friend, my fellow mum.

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