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Our guest contributor, Shravya Gupta, muses about life at office. To read her bio, click here.

Annnddd! It’s that time of the weekend when that ‘Smonday’ feeling sets in.

There is an entire week ahead of me to work my ass out, yet there is something about the office culture I want to share.

My first experience at work was when I had to undergo training for 3 years to pursue CA,  and now this new work place that I’ve been a part of for almost a year. So, basically I’ve been working my ass off ever since I was fresh out of college!

Some of the things I like about workplaces are the sort of connections you have with some of your colleagues, some connect instantly while some take time.
The atmosphere that is established in the organization, be it during the break hours or working ones.
The discussions that happen from politics to planning events. Even how to reply in an email become so much fun sometimes! The sharing of food, laughing on silly jokes and complaining about tea not being on time or it not being hot enough to refresh you, meeting the deadlines no matter how tough a time you are spending! Oh! And the sheer joys of those 3 words ‘Your salary is credited’ can lift your mood!

When they become a day to day part of your life, these little memories, you don’t realize how precious they are, until the day comes to bid them farewell.


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