Innocent February!

Our guest contributor, Shravya Gupta, writes about Valentine’s month, February! To read her bio, click here.

February is right around the corner!

As I think of February, the first thought that comes to my mind is that of love…not because Valentine’s Day falls in this month, but because of the beautiful weather!

It is neither too cold nor very hot, with just the right temperature. That sweet onset of summer, the soothing smell of the flowers- nature itself shows us how new beginnings can be so refreshing to the soul.

However, not having had a fair chance at love myself, I’m here recalling the first time I felt like I was falling for it… not realizing that it would turn out to be more than a crush.

Many of us might have gone through this very same feeling at some point in life. Suddenly all the songs you have heard start making sense to you; you start understanding poetry! And deep thoughts become a thing.

What’s more. Your friends start teasing you!

There are many little things that bring a smile to your face, be it talking to that special someone for hours or starting to care for them.

It doesn’t matter whether that first love ended up on a good note or a bad- or if it was your only or many followed after- these first experiences will stay with you forever.

As I pen down these feelings, it’s the innocence that stood out; not thinking about the future or compatibility with the other person.

Just pure genuine attraction and the efforts you made to spend more time with your special someone.

It is the feeling of being caught off guard by your own feelings, the surprises you get through the journey.

Ah… I wish those times could be back!
The same innocence and genuineness.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t feel the same kind of love again. After all, love is something that surprises us in many ways.

So, let’s enjoy the coming month, with the feeling that true love is waiting out there… somewhere for us to fall in love again.

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  1. Love opens up all of our senses and you just see things differently! The little things the details! Love will find your way.

    1. I’m glad all of you related to the article & took time to drop your views..thank you so much.. It means a lot!

  2. As I read this, and I think back to that first “love” or what I thought was love, ha ha, it’s funny the feelings that come back and memories. You are right about the innocence and not thinking about what lies ahead or the compatitability or anything. I think love often makes us blind. I’m glad that I didn’t stay with the first loves and was able to find my true love, my best friend for life, and make the choice daily to love him. Thanks for sharing!

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