Chronicles of a SAHM

Our guest contributor, Aditi Chaturvedi, shares her journey from being a professional to a stay-at-home parent. To read her bio, click here.

When I first read The Sweater, I knew I wanted to write something about my parenting journey too.

It took me a while to decide the topic of the write-up. I was confused between writing about being a tired, frustrated (yet happy) mother and being an ex working professional turned SAHM.

It takes a while for the feeling to sink in that I need to remove the “working professional” tag from my name. I have been a SAHM since 6 years now, and am a full time mother of 2 adorable girls… who always get on my nerves at the least expected time.

When once I used to handle big projects like Shanghai Metro and Delhi Metro, now I handle potty calls at times when there are no washrooms or clean ones nearby. Once when I handled deadlines for the projects, now I handle deadlines for bed times on school nights.

My day used to start with an extensive management meeting and now I wake up to cradle my crying, sleepy babies on each arm.

Working lunches in crisp clothes turned into dodging projectile vomit, wearing 3 day old multi-stained husband t-shirts as I couldn’t find the time to comb my hair or iron my own shirt.

And the pregnancy weight gain? That’s a topic for another time.

But as my younger one turned 1.5 years old, I contemplated restarting my career, which got me collecting lot of input from various sources. I finalized upon doing a certification.

Now, as the picture depicts, the books have been lying on my dresser since 10 days, amassing a good amount of dust.

This morning, I thought of giving them a once over and when I saw, I knew how it’d go.

I knew, with the hairband lying on top of them, who trumps what.

My messy, needy, cranky babies who light up my world like it was all dark before them do. Whose words, when they say “Ma”, sound like a serene bell in my heart that makes me seem content and complete.

Work must wait.

Are you a SAHM too? How did you deal with the transition from being a professional to a stay-at-home mama?

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  1. My husband and I own a business l, we have our own hours but still totally different than being just at home taking care of the kids. But before when I a stay at home mom. I was doing few things to help with the income and st the same taking care of the kids. It’s a big change but love it.

  2. I have stayed at home for 18 years now- my oldest graduates from high school this year. 🙁 I have loved it, even though it’s dang hard! My youngest is in school so I’m transitioning to working at home.

    1. Wow! Owning a boutique and selling it off is one big move!
      In the end it’s all for the kids, right? Soon they would fly off and we won’t know what to do with our time.

      1. It was big but totally worth it. After I went back to work I realized didn’t go through IVF to have someone else enjoy all my son’s first moments. So I chose him. I had been in business for 10 years so I was ready for a change anyway!

  3. Loved it…I am rowing in a similar boat. Once a busy HR professional, now completely SAHM. I can completely understand the situation. There are days when I feel frustrated on the fact that once I was a free bird and now I can’t have an alone time in the washroom also. An hour in gym feels as refreshing as dancing in a discotheque. But that innocent smile and love filled hug makes it all worth.

  4. Hey Aditi, beautiful article… Don’t worry be happy.. I know you will be 0back to ur professional life too but what you are doing for ur kids is exceptionally great. Am sure in ur long run when you look back u will be very proud of ur decision. The years that went past by would be golden years for u.

  5. M on mat leaves but soon will b SAHM aa m planning to quit coz no one will b dere to take of my 2 adorable girls.. Don’t know whats dere in future but my elder one is too naughty so m afraid if younger one will also b lyk her den i think i will b getting mad nd den thinking of a job will next to impossible fr me nx waise b as per ur post work must or can wait but dese golden period of my girls will never return… So njoy dis motherhood

    1. Welcome to what i like to call as “mad moms club”! It’s always chaotic and nothing is ever clean. All the very best for the second one; although it will be your first one who would need more attention during the initial days.
      I am sure you will be able to balance it well but if your older one is anything like mine (she is very attached to me) then you are in for some tough time. But as the days will go by they will bond so beautifully that sometimes it will feel that you aren’t invited in their universe. They have their own language their own little mischievous world where they don’t need anyone else.
      All the very best!

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