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I am a member of a lot of support groups for mothers on Facebook. While most moms seek answers to their breastfeeding and baby’s sleep schedule issues, there happen A LOT OF other interesting discussions too.

One of the most frequently asked questions is if there are any work from home websites in India.

online work from home

With pregnancy, most moms transition from their 9-5 jobs to more flexible ones. Ones that allow them to be at home to care for their kids’ daily needs. While some quit their jobs altogether. Stay-At-Home-Moms often juggle many responsibilities together, making them great at multi-tasking.

This skill can come handy to seek jobs that help make money from the comforts of their home, and without having to compromise on their child’s upbringing. While there are a lot of such opportunities available in countries like the U.S., India is only now picking the concept.

Luckily now, there are a lot of online startups out there seeking professionals and newbies alike to work flexible hours!

Here I have listed the best Indian work from home websites where you can seek online jobs. These are legitimate websites too, unlike the usual clickbait ones.
How do I know? I researched them before writing this article, d’oh!

But it is always good to do your research!

Generally, a quick way to tell is by simply observing the website’s layout. You might want to stay clear of the ones that are filled with adverts rather than original content, for one.

But, before you jump into looking up websites, you need to first determine as to what kind of work you would like to do. The internet is full of ideas to make a quick earning from online jobs. Just type in online jobs in India and you will have options aplenty!
But do they always make sense?  You know the answer.

Often, we fall into the lure of making a few quick bucks only to regret eventually.

Hence, it is important to find the answer to what kind of work you would like to do.

Find work that best fits your previous work experience or skills. And if you are a newbie, find one that fits your talent and passion.

No doubt, remote jobs are available in nearly all job fields but some industries are more common than others.

Here I have listed a few of the most common work-from-home job titles to choose from if you are a SAHM or are looking to earn some extra income.
  1. Online Tutor- Teach kids ( or adults, like I do) basics of the subject area you specialize in, provide homework and help with practice problems. Online tutoring is probably the easiest work-from-home option. What’s more? It helps you sharpen your subject-matter related knowledge even while you are on a brief (or not so) hiatus. If you choose to tutor online, you can easily block out some time while the kids are napping.
    Perfect for Former teachers, teaching assistants, or post-graduates.
    What they pay– Anywhere between Rs. 150-Rs. 250 an hour depending upon your skills.
  2. Online Survey Takers- All this job requires you to do is to fill in survey forms and give your feedback to the designated company. You will get paid for sharing your opinion in helping brands get better at what they do.
    A word of caution- A lot of survey websites are prone to phishing and identity theft.
    Pro tip: Create a separate email account for this since you’ll feel inundated with the barrage of emails coming your way!
    Perfect for– Just about anyone willing to earn some extra money or receive benefits in kind in the form of reward points or gift cards.
    What they pay– Most survey websites pay in the form of redeemable points or gift cards. In cash, they usually pay between Rs. 50- Rs. 150 per survey.
  3. Customer Service Representative- After online surveyor, this is by far the easiest job to land if you like to interact with people and command strong communication skills. All you need is a computer/ laptop, a decent internet connection, and telephone headsets. You will need to team up with brands to handle customer queries and provide solutions.
    Perfect for Most major brands require at least one year of previous experience in a similar role, but can accept newbies too.
    What they pay Anywhere between Rs. 100-Rs. 200 per hour of active calls.
  4. Virtual Assistant- As a VA, you can help take loads off of your client with your expertise in the said area. If you are experienced in the administrative area, book-keeping, web/ conference designing, or are just generally organized in your everyday tasks, becoming a VA is just the right thing for you. A VA is nothing different than an assistant except that by hiring you as a VA, they save a lot more money.
    Perfect for- Someone who’s super organized.
    What they pay- Rs. 500-Rs. 600 per hour
  5. Translator- If you are multilingual and would like to put your knowledge to use, then becoming a translator is an easy option. Most Indian portals post advertisements that require translators to translate articles in lieu of payment. You get paid depending upon the number of words per article.
    Perfect for Bilingual or multilingual professionals. Previous work experience is an advantage.
    What they pay Anywhere between Rs. 500- Rs. 5000 per article.
  6. Content Writer/ Editor- With social media presence being the ultimate gamechanger nowadays, most brands are on the lookout for content writers and editors now than ever before! As a content writer, you will be required to develop web and press content for the brands you work with. If you possess decent writing skills, are creative, can generate original, eyeball-grabbing content then this is the perfect job type for you.
    Perfect forCreative and experienced writers/ editors
    What they payBetween 10-30 ppw.
  7. Blogger- Okay, I did get excited about this one since you are reading this article on my blog!  Blogging is one of the most flexible jobs in the world, something you will need to consider being a mum. By owning a blog you not only get to set the rules but also follow them as per your convenience! Having a blog is like making a dedicated space for a creative outlet.
    Admittedly, blogging requires A LOT OF WORK initially but can be a great source to earn a passive income too.
    Perfect for– A-N-Y-O-N-E
    What it pays– You can earn from advertising ads on your blog or by signing up for an affiliate marketing program, but the figures vary greatly. You can also sell your own products or services.
  8. Affiliate Marketing- Wouldn’t it be great if you could earn a dime for every time you recommended your favorite girl’s service at the local salon? That’s exactly what affiliate marketing is about! You get paid a commission for recommending products and services online by providing web links. For every purchase made through this link, you get paid a commission.
    Perfect for– You will need to own a blog to promote on.
    What they pay– Each affiliate program comes with its own rate sheet for various product categories ranging from 3% to as high as 10%.
  9. Search Engine Evaluator- As a Search Engine Evaluator, you will be required to filter and evaluate search content from Google and Bing. You will need to adhere to the quality guidelines of each of these search engine companies while evaluating.
    Perfect for– This is not a very technical job role and nearly anyone can take it up.
    What they pay– Roughly between Rs. 300- Rs. 500 per hour
  10. Transcriber-Transcription is one of the most popular work-from-home options in India. As a transcriber, you will basically convert audio to text. If you have an eye for detail and the patience to sit for long hours, consider becoming a transcriber.
    Perfect for– Professional typists and anyone with a fast typing speed
    What they pay– Hourly rate anywhere between Rs. 150- Rs.350
  11. Social Media Manager- Most moms these days are tech- savvy and spend a lot of time switching between social media accounts. This can be easily turned into a monetizable job if you choose to become a Social Media Manager.
    Perfect for Anyone with experience to handle various social media platforms and a knack for creativity.
    What they pay– Varies from company to company.
  12. Virtual Interior Designer- Unleash your inner interior decorator with virtual interior designing jobs that are fast picking pace in the Indian job market. You will, however, need to have some previous experience in the relevant field.
    Perfect forPreviously experienced interior decorators
    What they payVaries greatly based on work experience.

While the list could go on, these are the most popular online work opportunities in India ( and really anywhere else too!)

Now that you have read through the list of online jobs that you could seek as a side hustle to make some money, here is a list of the most popular websites to look for work.

The best Indian websites to find work-from-home jobs for SAHMs:
    1. LearnPick.in rel=”no-follow” is a great place to look for tutoring jobs in India. So are BharatTutors.com and TutorIndia.netYou can also look for tutoring work internationally on websites like Flexjobs.com and Fiverr.com
    2. For online survey jobs, you could choose from a host of websites available online. However, be very careful of fraudulent websites!
      Valuedopinions.in is a trusted Indian website for taking online surveys.
      Internationally, OnePoll.com and Mysurvey.com are the best online survey websites.
    3. Worknhire.com rel=”no-follow <“/span> is great for landing a customer service representative job closer to home. Internationally, Upwork.com and Fiverr.com offer great job opportunities in this field. 
    4. For Virtual Assistant jobs in India, Aasaanjobs.com have great openings. 
      Internationally, job portals like Amazon’s m-turk.com and Freelancer.com offer great remote opportunities.
    5. Kutumbh.devnagri.com and TridIndia.com are two of the most sought after translation job websites in India. Kutumbh.devangri even offers job opportunities for linguists and copywriters. 
    6. The online options for content writing jobs are available in great numbers with even websites like Worknhire, Kutumbh, Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork and Flexjobs offering great work opportunities for content writers and editors. 
    7. If you wish to start blogging, then WordPress.com and Blogger.com are two of the most popular websites to create one on.
    8. For Search Engine Evaluator jobs, Appen.com is the most sought after web portal. 
    9. As for legitimate transcriber jobs in India, TranscribeMe.com and Scribie.com are considered to be the best. 
    10. If you are seeking Social Media Manager jobs then worknhire.com and guru.com are two of the best websites to look into. 
    11. Livspace.com is a great place to become a design partner.

With this list of work-from-home job types and Indian web portals, a lot of mums can get started on earning an income from home all the while focussing on raising their kids.
If you are a mom working from home, or WAHM in the internet language, I’d love to know more about your work!






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  1. This is a great list and seems like it would be helpful for mothers looking for employment. When you’re pregnant or postpartum it can. E hard to find opportunities that meet our needs. There are lots of good options here.

  2. Thanks so much for providing such a great list! This is also relevant in the US, I think! These are great ideas for moms or people who want to work from home. You provided some awesome resources for people and can tell you did a lot of research on this.

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