Khyati Sharma


Hey! I’m Khyati Sharma – a person who is very keen on listening and learning from stories of the world around.

I am a CA with a couple of years of work experience, now pursuing further studies. While most of the time I am studying, I enjoy trying different cuisines – a common interest shared by my gang and me!

Avanti and I have had a flair for writing since a very long time, but this is our first venture to put our musings on a blog and share with the world.

I look forward to enjoying this experience of blogging and sharing with you!

Happy reading!



Shravya Gupta

Shravya Gupta

Hi! I’m Shravya Gupta. I currently work as an Internal Auditor at a pharmaceutical company in Baroda, am also a foodie who likes to cook…but loves to eat more!

Did I mention being friends with the authors since school days? 😁


Aditi Chaturvedi

Hi! I am Aditi Chaturvedi. I am an IT professional turned SAHM currently residing in Mysuru. While I enjoy raising my daughters, at times I find myself craving to get my work life on track.

Since that isn’t happening any time soon, I document my feelings through the HerMusings platform in the hope that more mamas like me will read and relate to them. 

Happy reading!

Arundhati Chaturvedi


Hello! I am Arundhati Chaturvedi- a contributory writer mom of two teenagers. I am just like many of you, trying to arrange my arranged marriage while also juggling being a housewife during my early marriage years, and now helping my husband in his manufacturing business, alongside being a best friend to my boys.

I don too many hats!

An MBA in finance by education, I try to apply all my knowledge- balancing my boys instead of balance sheets! Enjoy reading!


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