7 websites where you can earn money by selling used clothes in India

Did you know that you could earn money by selling used clothes online?

It isn’t uncommon for us to end up buying more clothes than we need. And really, the only time we realize this is while cleaning our closet. Where, on one hand, we are all about frugal living the shopaholic in us ends up making us fill our closets with irrelevant clothes.
Wouldn’t it be great if we could resell clothes from that huge pile of vintage, unworn clothes tucked away in a chair and make some cash (and more)?

Plus sustainable clothing is the way to go since it’s also environment-friendly!

But where do you sell your used clothes online in India? 

With the launch of so many online platforms and mobile apps, it can get confusing to choose (and stick to) one! In this list of websites, I have tried to break down the details as much as possible. Here are a few of my favorite online stores in India where you can sell your used clothes.

  1. Elanic

    Of course, I had to begin with India’s most preferred site for selling pre-loved clothes and accessories. While the website is largely a store to purchase pre-used clothes, its app lets you sell your own too. It works like a breeze with the buyer and seller being in direct touch over chat. Elanic earns a commission on every sale you make. The best part? You get to decide the price of your item!
    Once your item is sold, all you have to do is schedule a pickup from your place. It’s as easy as it can get!
  2. Spoyl

    Just like Elanic, Spoyl lets you gain access to a host of products directly from the seller. Through the app, you can negotiate and seal the deal with the buyer directly with Spoyl earning a certain commission on every sale. The difference, you ask? Here, you can sell a lot more than just your clothes including home and living products. You can also sign up as an influencer for the website! Yup, they schedule pick up too!

  3. Etashee

    Unlike Spoyl and Elanic, this website focuses solely on fashion items. Thereby creating a wider niche audience. Etashee is the perfect place for you to solve your problem of an overflowing closet. The website also gives you an option of concierge selling if you aren’t too comfortable with direct selling. With this, you can send your pre-used clothes to the company’s warehouse where they keep the clothes for one year, taking care of everything from listing to selling. For a concierge sell, the company earns a commission of 30% while it earns 10% per direct sale. The catch? Unlike most other websites, packaging and shipping are the seller’s responsibility. However, there is an option to avail Etashee’s services at an additional cost.

  4. Flyrobe

    Fancy earning an income by only renting your clothes? If you don’t wish to part with your favorite outfits that occupy space in your closet for 11 months in a year but still want to earn an income, this website is your place to go! In my opinion, it is a brilliant idea especially curated towards expensive bridal outfits that only stay neatly tucked away in a corner of your closet. All you need to do for your outfit to qualify is to fill a form on the website. The Flyrobe merchandiser will review your application, and if selected, schedule a pickup. Your outfit will then be picked for a photoshoot on a professional model. And that’s that! You can keep a track of the earnings on your personalized dashboard. Of course, you can sell your stuff too, just like other websites.

  5. Once Again

    Currently serving in 24 states, this company is based out of Bangalore. Although the official name is Once Again, the web address goes by the name of www.f6s.com. The model is very similar to the ones listed above. A drawback I did find while researching this website was the navigability of it. This is when I realized that it works on a shared networking platform instead of a dedicated website. Not the most convenient of ways but still works!

  6. Kiabza

    A new venture of the renowned Kishco Group, Kiabza is your go-to place for all branded clothes. Remember, the website only offers to sell branded western outfits. This means that you are going to have to save your favorite Indian outfits for some other website. Kiabza has a list of 1500 pre-approved brands which are a mix of local as well as international brands out of which you can choose to buy or sell your clothes. Also, the company still only deals with clothes, leaving the accessories and home markets untouched for now.
    But that’s not all. The best part about Kiabza is that the company has partnered with two organizations- Vidya and Teach For India- to help provide clothing to the underprivileged.

  7. Poshmark Probably the largest social media marketplace for reused clothes, Poshmark clearly has a global stronghold. Amongst other countries, Poshmark also extends services to India. The selling model is the same as most other websites. With over 5000 approved international brands, Poshmark has the backing of quite a few venture capitalists which translates to- TRUST! It deals in a range of items from clothing to home and even makeup.

While this revolutionary idea is only now seeing the light of the day in the Indian market, it has been around for quite some time globally. Brands such as Refashioner, OLX, Craigslist are some common names.
Recycling clothes is a brilliant step towards reducing carbon print and conserving water. And I am glad that the Indian market with its huge potential has entered in too!

Let me know in the comments if there are any more of these brilliant websites!

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