6 Hindu mythological animation series for kids

6 Hindu mythological animation series for kids

It looks like we’re going to spend a lot more time indoors. So, it’s officially the best time to binge on your (and your toddler’s) favorite shows! Let’s face it. Everyone’s watching a little more T.V. than usual. Everyone, including kids. And while it’s advisable to limit screentime– especially for kids under 5- even pediatricians say it’s ok to practice some leniency. Screen-time can not only be entertaining but can also prove to be a great educational tool. This has especially come in handy given the current unprecedented circumstances that have pushed millions of parents into also being 24/7 teachers!

Thankfully, we now have an array of online streaming platforms to choose from like Netflix, Prime, Hulu and so many more. We truly are spoilt for choices! However, it also translates into us parents having to pick the right TV shows for our kids to watch. And what better than to enlighten the young minds with inspirational stories based on our favorite mythological super-kids?


 Here’s a list of the 6 Hindu mythological animation series for kids to watch:


Arjun- The Prince of Bali poster

Green Gold Animation’s contribution to Disney Channel, Arjun is a borrowed character from the movie Chhota Bheem and the throne of Bali.

This action-comedy packed animation series first aired in June 2014 and has been a kids’ favorite since then. Arjun is the eldest son of the king of Bali and his best friend is a tiger named Zimboo. Together, Arjun and Zimboo tackle everyday hurdles in their small kingdom. The series is also a great means to learn Hindi as it airs in the language.


Mighty Little Bheem poster

Netflix’s first Indian animation show for children became an almost instant global hit last year. A quirky spin-off of Green Gold Animation’s popular kids’ franchise, “Chhota Bheem”, it is the second most-watched original series all over the world.

Set in rural India, Mighty Little Bheem encompasses the innocent, colorful, and mischievous adventures of a dhoti-clad toddler who possesses superhuman skills. The series also comes with two specials centered around Holi and Diwali.


Little Krishna poster

An animated series based on the most remarkable prankster God in the Hindu mythology, Little Krishna is a carefully selected series. With only 13 carefully selected episodes that aired in the Hindi and English languages, the research itself took 7 painstakingly long years. This series can now be found on YouTube.

Little Krishna is based in the ancient village of Vrindavan. While Krishna is busy playing pranks on his friends and fellowmen, Kansa- his uncle and arch-nemesis, is constantly on the lookout for an opportunity to harm Krishna. The narrations are quite mesmerizing that will keep your kids’ young minds engrossed till the very end.


Kalari Kids poster

This action-packed animation series is Green Gold Animation’s contribution to Amazon Prime. The show is based in the village of Kalaripuram- the home and preserver of the martial art of Kalaripayattu. The episodes are short at 11 minutes each which means your kids won’t be glued to the screen for hours to watch a single episode.

The story revolves around the daily adventures of two competing gurukuls set in the ancient village. These gurukuls are run by two brothers who possess completely opposite ideologies about training their students. While Guru Palan believes in being lenient and light-hearted with his pupils, Guru Veta believes in a rigid form of military training. From competing against one another to participating in village tournaments, this series is fun and thrilling to watch!


Luv and Kussh poster

Another gold by Green Gold Animations, Luv and Kush is a series that revolves around Lord Rama and Goddess Sita’s twin sons. After she was abandoned by Lord Rama, Sita took refuge in the ashram of Valmiki. Hence, the tales of Luv and Kush are set in the ancient ashram.

Extremely energetic and quick-witted while growing up, Luv and Kush often fell in trouble with their mother. They were also great archers.


Krishna and Balram poster

Originally aired on Cartoon Network in 2008 by Green Gold Animations, Krishna and Balram is a hearty series showcasing the camaraderie between a young Lord Krishna and his elder brother Lord Balram.

The story is set in Krishna and Balram’s village, adventures along with Radha, in Gokul and Barsana. The series was aired four languages- Hindi, English, Tamil, and Telugu. With the runtime for each episode being just 12 minutes, this series is also a great watch for when you don’t want your kids to remain glued to the TV for too long.


Do you know of any other Hindu mythological animation series for kids? Write to us in the comments below. 

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