10 baby beach essentials

Baby beach must haves

Weather is finally looking up here in Dubai! That means all beach bummies are on the beach with their beach essentials- including I! I love the sound of waves crashing on to the quiet sand, forming tiny rivulets on the shore’s edge. But with a baby, a beach visit can seem like a task. This is why, and also learning from my experiences, I made a list of the top 10 baby beach essentials for you.

Beach days are also an opportunity to connect with nature that we barely get here in Dubai. Except for these few months, it’s so scorching hot that you could turn into a burnt toast if you spent more than an hour outside.

Some time ago, I even created a list of 11 must-haves on the plane for babies to make airplane travel easy on new mums.

So, Mr. and I decided to take the little one to the beach at first opportunity! However, this was not our first beach outing with Aniruddh. The first time around, we had absolutely no idea of the baby beach essentials we needed. It was so much “fun” when Aniruddh pooped in his diaper, and we hadn’t packed any extra!

Now, it is nothing short of a project and we plan the outing a day in advance. Not to mention, take an entourage of stuff for the little one in tow.

So what are my top 10 baby beach essentials? Check out the list:

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  • Swimwear- Yep, he doesn’t yet swim at nine months (UPDATE: he is 22 months now and does waddle around a bit!), but I took him in his beach shirt and shorts. That way, I could take him to the water, and the polyester material dried out quickly and dusted off the sand effortlessly! It’s worth an investment, guys. Where normal shorts would cling on if wet, these dry out in no time. Not to mention how cute these are! Aniruddh’s shorts at nine months old were a gift from his aunt. She got it from this amazing kids’ shop while holidaying in Bali. It’s called the Little Boo Kids Bootique, and if I had my way, I would get a pair of new ones from them too!
  • Beach Mat- Just like how we need one! I keep one of those regular changing mats in bub’s bag for on the go. These mats are waterproof and can be found easily on any online baby store or a local baby shop. Make sure you purchase a high-quality mat since baby skin is super soft and sensitive. I bought mine off Amazon and was a complete fan until Aniruddh outgrew it. It’s called the SwimSchool Splash Play Mat with Backrest for Babies & Toddlers, Inflatable Kiddie Pool with Three ToysI CANNOT emphasize enough how much this mat has been a lifesaver! My son loved the toys that came with it. It kept him engaged for hours and I could peacefully sit back and soak in the sun.
  • Toys, toys!- Do yourself a favor, and carry their favorite toy to save a public tantrum!Apart from the ones that come with the beach mat, I carry his favorite rattle (UPDATE: I take a beach ball instead now that he is older).Another absolute essential is this kids’ beach toy set that was handed down to me by my sister for Aniruddh. There’s actually something fun in watching your child dig out the sand and try to make shapes out of it.
  • Baby SPF- Yep, that’s a thing. It is especially recommended for babies with eczema.UPDATE: Over time, I realized that Aniruddh’s skin is quite sensitive. So I also use the Mustela Aftersun cream for an added layer of protection.
  • Diapers- D’oh! Need I say more about these? These should have been at the top on my list after our first public poo disaster! They must be every mom’s handbag staple. You might forget your wallet, but not diapers! Pampers are every mom’s go-to brand with a wide range of diapers to choose from according to your baby’s needs.
  • Wipes- Again, a no- brainer, this must be with you EVERYWHERE you go, beach or no beach. These water wipes from mother sparsh have proven to be so good and gentle on my boy’s skin! It keeps him safe from harmful chemicals and is biodegradable too. Go check them out!
  • Eatables and drinkables- Not just spare diapers, the first time we went to the beach, I forgot to carry his water bottle too, and all hell broke loose! I learned too many lessons at once that day. Be sure to carry their water feeder and snacks to keep that calm going.
  • Spare waterproof tote- You might also want to carry an extra polyester tote to dump all the sand filled clothes in. You don’t need to go shopping specifically for these. I use the tote bag I got free with my purchases at the Banana Republic some 7 years ago.
  • Spare clothes- Some babies don’t like the feel of sand pricking on their skin or might have simply rolled in it a little too much as mine did. Always carry an extra pair of clothes! I usually keep Aniruddh’s spare set in his beach bag itself and literally never take it out! Okay, I do, occasionally to check if he has outgrown it.
  • Napkin- Carry a towel napkin unfailingly, for kids tend to put their hands everywhere, including the eyes.

That’s quite about all the things I carry for our beach outings.

As for the experience- it was serene! The beauty of the ocean along with the calming sound of waves crashing onshore, and my two favorite people, was all I needed to make my weekend perfect.

Although I would love to do it again, there simply isn’t enough time. Perhaps, there isn’t anything quite as magical as the company of my husband and son as we make memories, one short trip at a time. That’s what makes one cherish these moments so dearly.

Eeep! Am I getting into musing again? Maybe I should jot down a few lines like how Khyati does in her post Down the Memory Lane! 😁

What are your top beach essentials while hanging out with the kids?

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  1. Great list! I loved taking my 8 month old to our beach trip, but it sure does require a lot more work than before! I’d also recommend getting one of those floppy UV-protected hats that ties under the neck. This was so helpful in keeping the sun out of my little one’s eyes and staying securely on her head! Thanks for sharing this super helpful post !

  2. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been able to get to the beach, especially since we don’t live near one! But I remember as a child we used to go to Lake Erie in Ohio. That was always a fun afternoon! Now if we go to the beach it’s the Gulf coast of Florida when we visit family.

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